Letvon donated materials to gather love and work together to fight the epidemic

Recently, the situation of epidemic prevention and control in Shanghai has been severe, and it is in a critical period of epidemic prevention and control. In the face of the surging epidemic, the people of the whole country are united to overcome the difficulties. Medical staff from many provinces rushed to Shanghai to collect love supplies from many places and take good care of "Shanghai".

To support Shanghai's anti-epidemic work and reflect its corporate responsibility, LETVON quickly responded to the Shanghai government's call for epidemic prevention and control and made arrangements to donate epidemic materials as soon as possible to provide front-line epidemic prevention volunteers in Jinshan District, Jinshan Hospital, Tinglin Hospital, Jinshan The district CDC sent healthy and delicious frozen baked goods such as thousand-layer cakes and cake rolls to contribute to the prevention and control of the epidemic in Shanghai.

The Shanghai epidemic has touched people's hearts. During the epidemic, during the period of global static management, the community implemented closed management, and the distribution of living materials in some areas was relatively tight. LETVON strictly implements the requirements for epidemic prevention and control and predictably arranges closed-loop production in advance. It allocates materials from the Jinshan District factory in Shanghai as soon as possible and rushes to Shanghai with pragmatic actions to deliver delicious frozen cakes to the frontline staff of epidemic prevention and control. , to help the epidemic prevention and control work, warm the stomach and warm the heart, and express the highest respect to all the epidemic prevention volunteers and institutions fighting on the front line.

Help each other in the same boat and overcome difficulties together! At present, the anti-epidemic love materials and condolences donated by LETVON have been distributed one after another. LETVON dares to take responsibility and practice the social responsibility of enterprises with practical actions. The company pays close attention to the material needs of frontline epidemic prevention personnel and their epidemic prevention institutions, and fully supports Shanghai to win the tough battle of epidemic prevention and control!

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