• Mille Crepe Cake

  • Swiss Cake Roll

  • Mousse&Cheese Cake

  • Puffs

  • Daifuku&Snowy Mooncake

  • Cookies

Mille Crepe Cake

Mille Crepe Cake originated in the Hungarian city of Szeged, belongs to a kind of cake, in a thin gauze layer of skin spread between the fresh and delicate flesh, leaving a faint fragrance between the layers, the creamy taste is slightly sweet and not greasy, fine aftertaste, miss the mille-feuille. The difference between the Letvon Mille Crepe Cake is that the global selection of raw materials, casting high quality, and then through exquisite craftsmanship, the standardization penetrates every aspect of production, with standard time, frequency, action, to create a Mille Crepe Cake layer progressive taste, delicious layers of stacked, every bite can feel delicate.

  • Durian Mille Crepe Cake

    The rich durian flavor, soaked in layers, melts in the mouth, soft and sticky sweet.

  • Peach Mille Crepe Cake

    Selected white peach, the taste is refreshing, sweet but not greasy, sweet summer.

  • Matcha Mille Crepe Cake

    Maccha scent coming slowly, multiple tastes, wrapped around the tip of the tongue.

Swiss Cake Roll

Also known as Swiss Cake Roll, cake rolls originated in Austria in the 19th century and belong to a kind of sponge cake, which is a soft and fluffy cake body on the outside, wrapped in layers of silky cream on the inside, and is an indispensable dessert for afternoon tea. Letvon Swiss Cake Roll is popular in the market, and is the star of the baking industry, soft cake body, is rolled with a variety of flavors, original flavor, green flavor, coconut flavor, etc., the taste is rich and changeable. With European imported light cream, the mellow, soft and moist taste is addictive, while adding oats and fruit grains, and other popping elements, chewing can feel the obvious granularity, bringing surprises to consumers, with absolute strength to conquer the public's taste buds.

  • Mango Pomelo Swiss Cake Roll

    Fresh grapefruit mango flavor, sweet and smooth in the mouth, sweet and refreshing.

  • Barley Green Grapes Swiss Cake Roll

    The sweet and refreshing Qingti, with a dense taste like a cloud, makes people want to stop.

  • Coconut Latte Swiss Cake Roll

    Selected diced coconut meat, rich coconut flavor, sweet but not greasy, soft, and delicious.

Mousse&Cheese Cake

Mousse cake first appeared in the gastronomic capital of Paris, France, representing today's high-end cakes. Cheesecake originated in ancient Greece to serve the desserts needed for the Olympic Games in Athens. Mousse cheese series cake, beauty and delicious coexist! Letvon adopts the original cheesecake and its probiotic preparation process so that the shape, color, and structure of mousse cheesecake are rich, the entrance is silky, sweet, and not greasy, and constantly adapts to the new requirements of consumers for frozen cakes. Using light cream imported from Europe as raw materials, through the quick-frozen lock fresh technology, the mousse cheese is more delicate and smooth, the milk is mellow, and it satisfies the consumer's pursuit of natural health, exquisite and delicious.

  • Mojito Cheese Cake

    Double cheese taste, refreshing mint flavor, fresh and icy.

  • Matcha Cheese Cake

    European imported light cream, healthy and delicious, fresh tea aroma into the tip of the tongue.

  • Double Layers Berry Plus Cheese Cake

    Sweet strawberries blend with mellow cream, fragrant and refreshing, full of aftertaste.


Puffs were born in the 16th century and were invented by the French Empress Catherine de Medici. Puff is a sweet tooth that originated in Italy, with a fluffy, perforated creamy dough wrapped in cream, chocolate, and even ice cream. Evirth Puffs covers sea salt cheese puffs, chocolate vanilla puffs, lime cheese puffs, and other flavors, each kind of puff has a unique taste, puffs are very large, and not only the cream is different, but the skin of the soufflé also has its taste, soft and sweet, soft and silky, delicate and rich taste. The choux series not only strives for excellence in quality but also innovates in sweetness and taste, allowing consumers to enjoy the wonderful taste of puffs.

  • Sea salt cheese puffs

    The puffs are as soft and silky as milk, melt in the mouth, and have a rich durian flavor.

  • Durian Puffs

    Select high-quality durian, the meat is full and lubricated, crispy outside and smooth inside, and the lips and teeth are fragrant.

  • Lime cheese puffs

    The delicate fragrance of lemon blends with imported cheese, and the mellow aroma blooms on the tip of the tongue.

Daifuku&Snowy Mooncake

Daifuku is a traditional Japanese dim sum that has been used since the Edo period as a dessert for Japanese state guests and guests. Snowy Mooncake is a Mid-Autumn Festival food, different from the traditional way of making mooncakes, its crust, inverted has been innovated and improved, the ice skin mooncake appearance is exquisite, the color is white as snow, the taste is soft and smooth, slightly elastic. Daifuku ice skin series, uses high-quality glutinous rice, imported wheat, and other high-quality raw materials to carefully grind the outer skin, through complex processes repeatedly pounded, improve the Q elasticity of Daifuku ice skin, through low temperature fresh patented technology, maintain the appearance of Daifuku ice skin crystal-like snow, minus 18 degrees Celsius quick freeze lock fresh, frozen after freezing Q bullet, endless aftertaste.

  • Durian Daifuku

    Choose high-quality durian, rich in flavor, mellow, and rich in sweet glutinous.

  • Matcha Daifuku

    Matcha has a rich flavor, fresh taste, rich aroma, sweetness, and smoothness.

  • Durian Snowy Mooncake

    Selection of imported high-quality durians, pure pulp filled with stuffing, Q-bomb sweet, soft and waxy between the teeth.


Cookies were first introduced to China from Europe and the United States in the 1980s and belong as a type of biscuit. The crispy crust melts in the mouth. The milky aroma blends in with butter, and the flakes are crispy and fragrant. The point of  Evirth cookies are raw materials and production process, the fermented butter used is different from the traditional hard koji, the lactic fermented flavor and milk flavor make the fermented butter gives the cookie a more fragrant and smoother taste; Compared with ordinary butter, fermented butter melts in the mouth almost instantaneously, the entrance is silky, the aftertaste is endless, and the weight and proportion are finely controlled so that the taste and taste of the cookie are enriched in the subtleties.

  • Butter cookies

    Classic original taste, imported butter, 0 trans fatty acids, healthy and delicious.

  • Coffee cookies

    Attractive brown color, refreshing and crispy with a bite, mellow and not sweet and greasy.

  • Durian cookies

    Small floral shape, durian mixed with creamy flavor, lingering in your mouth.